1,000 Blank White Cards

This is the best after-dinner game of all time. You begin with a deck of record cards, cut in half, (some blank, some not), deal out five to each player, and take it in turns to play a card on the table in front of yourself, another player or the entire table. The rest of the rules are… well… a bit wobblier. The full game can be found in The Floor is Lava (Game 71, p.xxx), or there’s a Wikipedia page on it here. The hardest thing about the game, however, it starting your own deck, so I’ve taken the pain out of the process. Below are a couple of free starter decks to get you going.

Download and print your choices, then let the game begin!



The ‘All-Stars’ starter deck has been designed by the guests of my podcast, The Floor is Lava. Download cards made by some the UK’s best writers, poets, journalists, bounders, daschunds and scoundrels.



The ‘Classic’ starter deck is a selection of easy-to-learn cards from my own archive. Made by any one of dozens of players over the last fifteen years, you’ll get a fun range to begin your own 1000BWC collection right here.