100 games to play with family and friends

Remember making up games on the long drive to your summer holiday? Ivan Brett has put the best into a new book. (S Magazine, Sunday Express)

Great fun and full of unusual and interesting ideas. (

The Floor is Lava is a must for any gathering of friends or family. Packed with 100 games, this is a how-to for turning time together into quality time together.

More than anything, this is a love letter to play, and invitation to get a bit more playful. No matter who you are, you’ll find games in this book to delight and inspire, and cheer up any dull moment with the littlest effort.

This book was published in the UK by Headline Home in July 2018. A slightly adapted version will come out in the USA on May 28th 2019 with Gallery Books, and there’s an illustrated Spanish translation coming too!

You can get The Floor is Lava on Amazon, Headline, Waterstones, BookPeople or your local bookshop.