Ivan Brett
Ivan Brett
Author, Podcast Host, Player of Games

‘The Floor is Lava’ is a fortnightly podcast in which I meet an interesting person in their natural habitat and get to know them a little better through the playing of games. Or, at least, that’s what I say at the beginning of each episode.

Or choose from this selection of some of the best episodes so far:


Round 14: Sarah Naughton

Ivan meets Sarah Naughton, bestselling author of thrillers and historical YA novels, on a quiet bit of the South Bank in West London. They list murder weapons, re-tell Wuthering Heights with a dose of Munchausen by Proxy and sully the memory of the Middle Ages. Enjoy!


Round 8: Alexis Kennedy

Ivan pootles south to meet Alexis Kennedy, the video game designer and writer responsible for Fallen London, Sunless Sea and the recent indie game smash, Cultist Simulator. They go deep underground, list mythical beasts and then Alexis shares his most horrifying story from game development.


Round 12: Rachel Smith

Ivan meets Rachel Smith, a teacher-turned-refugee-protector who trots the globe, saving it. The kids list things that contain tubes, attack a velociraptor with a swan and shout 'BRIAN!' a lot.


Round 1: Toryn Westcott

Go back to where it all began. In the inaugural episode, Ivan cycles up to Highgate Woods to meet the director and filmmaker Toryn Westcott, who lies about his first kiss, argues about gravy and does some scat singing in public.