Cycling My Way Around The USA - The Big Directory

Hi! I’ve been on a bit of an adventure for the past few months, and have kept a daily blog the entire time. Below, you can read my round-USA cycling blog from the very beginning, or scroll around and pick a random day that appeals to you.

We’ve still got about two thousand miles to go, first down to Los Angeles, then a quick train hop to New Orleans to continue our tour east, then south, to finish in Miami. Your support and comments keep us going, so keep them coming!


- We Have To Leave: The Setup

- The Clocks Have Turned May: Training Rides on English Hills

- Did You Pack The Lemon Zester?: A Story of Too Much Luggage (on CrazyGuyOnABike only)

- All The Junk We Haul Around: An Updated Packing List.

New York


- T-Minus 6: Changing Continent; Getting Bikes

- T-Minus 5: The Peanut Butter Game

- T-Minus 4: Jazz and Smoked Salmon

- T-Minus 3: Prison Island in a Thunderstorm

- T-Minus 2: Hot Dog, Good Dog

- T-Minus 1: I Wrote Your Name on My Bike

ACA Chicago to New York City Route: East -> West (Philly Alternate)

New Jersey

- New York, NY to Mantoloking, NJ: Jersey Shore in Jerseys and Shorts

- Mantoloking, NJ to Mount Laurel, NJ: Pining for Back Roads



- Mount Laurel, NJ to Phoenixville, PA: The Toughest Day?

- Phoenixville, PA to Lancaster, PA: Turning Point

- Rest Day: 24 Hours in The Red Rose City

- Lancaster, PA to Fairfield, PA: A Night at the Carnival



- Fairfield, PA to Williamsport, MD: Count Your Blessings, Not Your Chickens

- Williamsport, MD to Oldtown, MD: Oh My! What a Gone of Bears!

Pennsylvania (again)

- Oldtown, MD to Rockwood, PA: Unknown Territory

- Rockwood, PA to Connellsville, PA: It's All Downhill From Here

- Connellsville, PA to Pittsburgh, PA: Millstone to Milestone

- Rest Day: 24 Hours in The Steel City

West Virginia

- Pittsburgh, PA to Wheeling, WV: The Front Row



- Wheeling, WV to Senecaville, OH: A Storm's Brewing

- Senecaville, OH to Newark, OH: Bitten By a Radioactive Bag of Basmati Rice, Its...

- Newark, OH to Columbus, OH: Trapped in a Flood

- Rest Day: 24 Hours in The Arch City

- Columbus, OH to Dayton, OH: Mirage or Flood?

- Dayton, OH to Eaton, OH: Afternoon Tea in a Gale



- Eaton, OH to Indianapolis, IN: A Thousand Bloomin' Miles

- Indianapolis, IN to Kokomo, IN: Road Work Ahead? I sure hope it does...

- Kokomo, IN to Monterey, IN: Do You Believe in Dairies?

- Monterey. IN to St John, IN: Raincoat Hokey Cokey



- St John, IN to Chicago, IL: We Made It To Chicago!

- Rest Day: 6 Things We Learned on the Chicago to New York City Bicycle Route (CNYC)

- Rest Day: 24 Hours in The Windy City

- Rest Day: 24 MORE Hours in The Windy City

ACA Bicycle Route 66: East -> West

- Chicago, IL to Braidwood, IL: The Worst Lunch Stop Ever

- Braidwood, IL to Lexington, IL: The End of The World

- Lexington, IL to Lincoln, IL: One Six Short of a Devil

- Lincoln, IL to Gillespie, IL: Road Rash



- Gillespie, IL to St Louis, MO: Double Crossed

- Rest Day: 24 Hours in The Gateway City

- St Louis, MO to Sullivan, MO: Into The Ozarks

- Sullivan, MO to St Robert, MO: High Rolla

- St Robert, MO to Niangua, MO: Tick...Tick...Boom

TransAmerica Trail: East -> West

- Niangua, MO to Ash Grove, MO: Joining the Cycle Superhighway



- Ash Grove, MO, to Pittsburg, KS: Hitting The Flats

- Rest Day: 24 Hours in...The Middle of Nowhere

- Pittsburg, KS to Chanute, KS: The White Church

- Chanute, KS to Eureka, KS: Languishing in Lizard Licks

- Eureka, KS to Newton, KS: Race To The Bike Shop

- Newton, KS to Larned, KS: A Century in the Making

- Larned, KS to Ness City, KS: Under the Bleachers

- Ness City, KS to Dighton, KS: Frigid Creme and Other Disappointments

- Rest Day: Road Trip!



- Dighton, KS to Sheridan Lake, CO: Thems're The Bitin' Flies

- Sheridan Lake, CO to Ordway, CO: What Is The Melting Point of a Human?

- Ordway, CO to Pueblo, CO: Falling, Apart

- Pueblo, CO to Royal Gorge, CO: Rocky Road

- Royal Gorge, CO to Fairplay, CO: A Different World

- Fairplay, CO to Breckenridge, CO: Top of The Rocks

- Rest Day: 24 Hours in A Ski Resort

- Hike Day: Solving Quandary Pass

- Breckenridge, CO to Hot Sulphur Springs, CO: Look Up! Look Up!

- Hot Sulphur Springs, CO to Walden, CO: Effort Rewarded



- Walden, CO to Saratoga, WY: Come to Wyoming, We Got Headwind

- Saratoga, WY to Rawlins, WY: 'Road' to Rawlins

- Rawlins, WY to Jeffrey City, WY: The Very, Very Middle of Nowhere

- Jeffrey City, WY to Lander, WY: Red Rock 'n' Rollin'

- Rest Day: 24 Hours in The City of Bronze

- Lander, WY to Dubois, WY: True False Flats and False False Flats

- Dubois, WY to Jenny Lake (Grand Teton), WY: Cor, Nice Tetons

- Rest Day: 24 Hours in the Jenniest of Lakes

- Jenny Lake, WY to Grant Village (Yellowstone), WY: Sobos, Nobos and Double-Flippers

- Grant Village, WY to Madison Junction (Yellowstone), WY: The Geyser Geezers

Yellowstone North Loop

- Madison Junction, WY to Tower Falls (Yellowstone), WY: Tour de Detour

- Tower Falls, WY to Canyon Village (Yellowstone), WY: Bison Down

Return to TransAmerica Trail: East -> West


- Canyon Village, WY to Beaver Creek, MT: Grisly End

- Beaver Creek, MT to Ennis, MT: Warm Welcome

- Rest Day: 24 Hours in The Windy Loft

- Ennis, MT to Virginia City, MT: Gold Rush

- Virginia City, MT to Dillon, MT: HiFicycle

- Dillon, MT to Wisdom, MT: A Hard Day's Night

- Wisdom, MT to Corvallis, MT: Bitter Winds in Bitterroot

- Corvallis, MT to Missoula, MT: Our Tommy

- Rest Day: 24 Hours in Zootown



- Cambridge, ID to Halfway, OR: Plum Job

- Halfway, OR to Baker City, OR: Halfway

- Rest Day: 24 Hours in The City of Bakers

- Baker City, OR to Prairie City, OR: Los Tres Amigos

- Prairie City, OR to Mitchell, OR: Making a Mountain out of a Mountain

- Mitchell, OR to Prineville, OR: Here Comes The Sun

- Prineville, OR to Sisters, OR: Two of Us

Cascades: South -> North

- Sisters, OR to Willamette National Forest, OR: The Floor is Lava

- Willamette National Forest, OR to Mt. Hood National Forest, OR: Forestbrisketforest

- Mount Hood National Forest, OR to Mound Hood, OR: Mounting the Hood

- Mount Hood, OR to Hood River, OR: Cascades: Slayed

Lewis and Clark Trail: East -> West


- Hike Day: Fools on Falls Creek

Oregon Again (Oregain)

- Stevenson, WA to Portland, OR: Columbia Gorgeous

- Rest Day: 24 Hours in Stumptown

- Rest Day: Stat Update!

- Rest Day: 24 Hours in The City of Roses

- Rest Day: TransAm Roundup: 8 Things That Totally Surprised Us

- Portland, Or to Vernonia, OR: A Night at the Crapera

- Vernonia, OR to Astoria, OR: Am: Transed

Pacific Coast: North -> South

- Astoria, OR to Tillamook, OR: Will It All Be Like This?

- Tillamook, OR to Gleneden Beach, OR: Rough With The Smooth

- Hitch-Hike Day: Try a Little Tender-nitis

- Injury Break: Five Days In Hiding

- Brookings, CA to South of Brookings, CA: Alternative Remedies



- South of Brookings, OR to Hiouchi, CA: Redward Woodward

- Hiouchi, CA to Redwoods National Park, CA: Back in the Swing

- Redwoods National Park, CA to Prairie Creek State Park, CA: See? Lions

- Prairie Creek State Park, CA to McKinleyville, CA: Tree's a Crowd

- McKinleyville, CA to Eureka, CA: All Hail The Fortune-Telling Pen

- Eureka, CA to Burlington Campground, CA: Forest For The Trees

- Burlington Campground, CA to Standish Hickey, CA: Wheeler Dealer

- Standish-Hickey, CA to Mendocino, CA: 1derful

- Mendocino, CA to Gualala, CA: Twin Peaks

- Gualala, CA to Bodega Bay, CA: Coasting

- Bodega Bay, CA to Mill Valley, CA: Welcome to The Modern Age

- Mill Valley, CA to San Francisco, CA: If You're Going To San Francisco

- Rest Day: 24 Hours in Fog City

- Rest Day: 24 Hours in Baghdad by the Bay

- San Francisco, CA to Pescadero, CA: Taco Belle

- Pescadero, CA to Aptos, CA: Santa Cruz, You're Not That Far

- Aptos, CA to Monterey, CA: The Ballad of Ol' Whitey and Jeremy Thwacker

- Monterey, CA to Kirk Creek Campground, CA: Just Don't Go Back To Big Sur

- Kirk Creek Campground, CA to Los Osos, CA: Osolo Sossosolo